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Post Construction

Say goodbye to dust, dirt, and debris, and hello to clean!


Finishing a construction project can make for a dusty, unsanitary space. Aside from dirt and debris, allergens and hazards can be introduced following construction. Get a deep post-construction clean from your friends over at Blanca’s to make sure you can enjoy your newly built project in all its glory. 


Post-construction cleaning takes place following construction, these projects may have a to-die-for end result, but the materials used are not originally the cleanest materials ever. Construction projects can mean small material pieces, dirt, smudges, and grime are left behind. To make your space clean and fresh, a deep clean is necessary. Let us get your space live-in ready so you can enjoy your project stress-free.


We work to clean with a thorough, detail-oriented approach to make sure all your surfaces are cared for gently but still cleaned entirely.


Hiring Blanca’s to clean your newly renovated area can mean you get to enjoy your space quicker, and you know your area is clean, safe, and sanitized. Don’t let cleaning be the thing holding you back from the space you’ve always dreamed of; hire Blanca’s to make sure your spaces are always clean and healthy.